The art of ophthalmology

With us you can optimize your eye health! With a dedicated team of experts on your side, we guarantee not only to preserve but also to enhance your quality of vision. Your perfect vision is our main concern. Experience clear vision like never before with us!

Ophthalmology is an art in which we are constantly learning new techniques and methods. This medical field, where we exclusively care for the eyes, is constantly looking for better treatment and prevention methods for eye diseases.

Think of cataracts, or cataract, as a "fog" on the lens of the eye that interferes with vision. This is comparable to looking through a fogged window pane. We can remove this "fog" by replacing the cloudy lens with a clear, artificial lens.

A small spot in the center of our retina, the macula, allows us to see clearly. If this point is damaged, our central vision becomes blurred. To treat this, we inject medications directly into the eye to slow or stop the damage.

The retina functions similarly to a camera and sends images to our brain. The small blood vessels in the retina can sometimes cause problems. We use special tests, such as angiography, to examine these vessels and determine the best method of treatment.

Some people have vision defects because the shape of their eye does not refract light correctly. With refractive surgery, we correct the shape of the eye so that light is refracted better and vision is improved.

"Optical Coherence Tomography" or OCT is an advanced device that provides detailed images of the inside of the eye. It is comparable to a special camera that we use to look into the eye and helps us identify eye problems early on.