Retina laser treatments

In simple terms, we explain retinal laser treatment, also known colloquially as “laser eye surgery,” so you can feel reassured and well informed.

A special laser is used in retinal laser treatment to treat specific areas of the retina in the eye. This procedure can help treat or even prevent certain eye problems.

Small tears or holes can sometimes form on the retina. To prevent these areas from getting larger or fluid from entering and causing problems, we can "seal" these areas with the laser.

Do not worry, usually the treatment is painless. A slight tingling or warm sensation may occur, but this is completely normal.

As a rule, only a few minutes are required for the treatment. After that you can go straight home.

Of course, there are potential risks with any medical procedure, but they are rare. Some of the possible side effects could be mild blurred vision or minimal pain. Before the treatment we will inform you in detail about all possible risks.

Within a few days, most patients feel an improvement. Nevertheless, we check regularly to make sure that everything is going as planned.

It would be good if you wear sunglasses after the treatment, as your eyes may be more sensitive to light. Please also avoid strenuous activities for a few days.

Yes, in most cases patients can see normally after treatment. However, it is important to keep all agreed-upon follow-up appointments.

We hope this overview has given you a better understanding of retinal laser treatment. Our main goal is to make you feel safe and well cared for. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay healthy and enjoy the world in bright colors!