Premium lenses

During cataract surgery (cataract), high-quality artificial lenses, so-called premium lenses, are inserted into the eye. These lenses offer not only clear vision, but also benefits beyond those of standard lenses.

Sharper and higher contrast vision is provided by premium lenses. Often you can see clearly both far and near, possibly even without glasses. In addition, they correct certain visual defects and provide UV protection.

Definitely yes! Our premium lenses, which are clinically tested, offer the highest level of safety because we use the latest technologies and quality standards.

Premium lenses provide lasting clear vision and do not need to be replaced because they last a lifetime.

Your needs are our top priority. Thanks to our many years of experience and a dedicated team, you will feel safe and well cared for with us. Our modern treatment methods and the use of premium lenses ensure optimal results.

Trust eye surgeon Dr. Arvid Boellert, your qualified eye surgeon in Spreewald, and experience the world in a new light with premium lenses after cataract treatment. We support and accompany you on your way to better vision.